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Monday, 27 April 2015

The Changing face of celebration

Ever since I came into this world life for me has been a long never ending series of celebrations, as I grew up I celebrated a lot of things. My first balloon gave me great joy. It gave me a feeling of liberation as if I too was flying high.
 My first kite, preparing it to be air borne was like a ritual that I always looked forward to with anticipation and joy. I had a grand party when I became a teenager and the celebration of this declaration of independence was a joyous event. Getting together with friends of my own age was a feeling that cannot be put into words. I felt that I was on top of the world and could achieve any thing or every thing. Nothing was impossible for me. I felt that I had the whole world within my grasp. Then passing out of school was another reason for me to celebrate. A new life and new vistas were opening before me. College and its new found freedom gave me plenty of reasons to celebrate.
 However I feel as we grow up the reasons for us to celebrate and the things that give us happiness keep changing. We are constantly evolving and so is the reason and source of celebration. I still remember the joy and celebration that followed when I passed out of college. It was a feeling that made me feel that I am on top of the world.
However when I got married it was a even bigger celebration and I thought that nothing can surpass it. Becoming a parent proved me wrong as the arrival of a young and new member in the family changes the meaning of the word celebration all together. You watch every move that the little one makes with awe and amazement.  Every time the little baby kicks or punches the air you celebrate as if you have scored a goal in a world cup final or won and brought home the cricket world cup. The excitement and happiness accompanied with each move from the development of speech from the gurgling to the little ones first words are all a reason to celebrate.
 Then when the little one decides to crawl or takes his or her first steps you feel more happiness then what Neil Armstrong would have felt when he would have stepped on the moon and walked the first steps.  As the little one begins to walk and turns the whole house into his playground I began to celebrate every throw of the ball and those scribbling on the wall by pencils, pens and wax crayons that ruin the paint on the walls, door and ransacking all the decorations of the room yet it gives me an immense pleasure in just admiring the antics of my little one.

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