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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Lookup and smile Hope and optimism are coming your way

I have been a very health conscious person throughout my life. I always exercised daily and maintained a healthy diet to remain healthy and fit. When I got married I got a lot of love and care showered on me by my in laws and relatives. In a lot of households food is the expression of love and I discovered this fact about my new household after my marriage. As everyone was calling us that is me and my husband to their homes for lunches and dinners. Generally these were always very rich spreads and soon I began to gain weight.The series of these invites continued way over a six months into my marriage as a result I had put on a lot of weight. My out of shape body made me look plump and unshapely this caused me a lot of concern but even after exercising I was not able to lose the extra pounds.This was making me sick with frustration. Then I became pregnant and slowly put on a lot more weight. With the spread of the news of my pregnancy started another round of parties and celebration. Day by day I was putting on more weight and looking at myself at the mirror I felt as if I am looking at a Sumo wrestler.  This sight was very depressing and apart from regular mood swings that I experienced during my pregnancy I began to stay very depressed. Looking at my condition my doctor referred me to a psychiatrist. The lady psychiatrist had her clinic in her home and I started visiting her for counseling sessions. These sessions were not of much use but on my fourth visit I found a little girl on a wheel chair outside the clinic. She was the daughter of the gardener who worked in the doctors home. This young girl had polio and as she could not walk even with the crutches the gardener used the wheelchair to move her around. I found the girl to be very chirpy and talkative. Soon we struck a chord and became good friends. I don’t know why but when she said that she found me to be beautiful it felt like a big compliment. When she came to know that I was going to have a baby she said that my baby is very lucky that he or she will have such a beautiful mother. Her words were so genuine and her talk so inspiring and full of hope and innocence that I soon forgot all my troubles. I realized that this extra weight is not the end of the world for me and post my delivery I would surely  be able to shed the extra kilos. I had found a new friend in this young girl as a chance meeting with her had filled me with so much hope and optimism 

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