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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Discover a new world with relocation

I was a fussy child who wanted everything on my terms. Being the first child of the family has its advantages that everyone showers you with so much love and affection. At quite at an early age I realized that all my wishes were being fulfilled by my parents. All my whims and fancies were being met and this made me very demanding.  When I was in class XI my father got transferred to another city but I did not want to go as my friends were here in this city. I had no desire to go and relocate. Even though it meant better job prospects for my father as we were to be transferred to a big metro. I was adamant that I did not want to go and live in another city. My father made up his mind that he would forgo his promotion and stay in that very city so that my education is not disturbed. It was then that my mother intervened and suggest that we go and spend a few days in the new city and if I liked the place only then we would think of relocating. As it was summer time and my school was closed for the summer holidays I gladly agreed. I thought it would be a nice change for me as I had nothing much to do in my holidays. So we embarked on a journey as tourists and landed in this big metro. The next day morning I found tall skyscrapers and malls all around me. The shopping malls were filled with fashionable clothes shoes and accessories that I had never seen before in my life. I was fascinated by so many gyms and dance class centers that were crowded with young people my age. Visit to this city was an eye opener and I was enamored by this new lifestyle and the fast pace of the city. My father took me to a school that was close to the place that we were staying in. I found each classroom equipped with computers. They were using modern teaching techniques that took classroom teaching to a new level.  I found the experience to be an eye opener and I felt that studying in such a school can definitely help me brighten my career prospects.  

I found out so many activity centers where I could learn to dance and sing and indulge in so many extra-curricular activities that I could not even think of in our home town. Its not that I began to dislike my school or my own city but instead what I saw in front of me was the opportunity to relocate to this beautiful city and #StartANewLife.   I began to understand the benefits of relocation and by the time it was time for us to go back I gave my father the consent to relocate and #StartANewLife in a bigger city. As for my old friends I could always go back and visit then in the vacations or better still call them to my new home in this new city and play the perfect host to them.

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