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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A loving HUG to thank my DAD

My dad is my superhero because he is a self made man and has worked hard to bring our family to the good standard of living that we now enjoy.
He is a great human being who always helps others. He has given us the best gift of our lives that is education.
Whatever we are today we owe it to him. Love you dad. He is my real hero, best friend, my inspiration and the best person of my life I ever met. He keeps us before himself. Our needs our demands are his top priority
He has made many sacrifices just to give us happiness. Words are really less to describe, what he has done for us.
He has been the real reason of my happiness and joy. For me my dad is every thing. my dad is my super hero because when I was born he was there to catch me when I fell, whenever and where ever. When I said my first word, he was there for me to teach me. He is my whole dictionary. When I took my first steps he was there to encourage me on, when I had my first day at school, he was there to give me advice and help me with my homework. At every stage he was and till now he is there for me, to teach me and help me. I know you will be there for me through all these times and the good or bad. Spending time with papa is always fun. He never stops me from buying things which I like. And I select the colors and styles for him. We are like friends on shopping trips. He is my favorite and sometimes I try to copy his style in clothing. While shopping he used to buy less expensive clothes from the stores. He is fond of new ties and belts but he stopped buying them and used them for years just to save money for me. Now it’s my turn I gift him new style ties and belts on all occasions and festivals. It’s a delight to see the twinkle of excitement in his eyes as if he is a small kid. I really enjoyed shopping with my father; it had been awesome since childhood as I always felt like a princess. It was a lot of fun as my dad does all the work, he selects the clothes for me as well while he's buying for himself, and he has a great sense of fashion so I trust him with my clothes selection too. He also helps me decide which one to buy, so it's a Win-Win situation for me when I shop with dad as he takes care of everything. Moreover I never need to worry for the total bill of my shopping when I shop with dad.
My dad has always supported me. One day when it was my board exam I was quite late in reaching the examination hall as it was raining heavily outside I was so worried as to how I will reach there in just 20 minutes but my father made me sit on his bike and took me to the examination hall in just 20 minutes though it was very far from my house. He is the sweetest dad.
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A fathers day gift of HUG

My father is my role model. He is a person of strong will and a self made man who has toiled hard to earn and save for our present and future I still remember the day when I and Dad were shopping for my fancy dress competition. I was crazy for the superman costume, but getting a full superman costume including boots and cape was not a easy task. After searching for almost 4 hrs I was sure that we won't get it but my Dad didn't give up. After roaming for hours we finally succeeded in buying the whole set. I was happy and I guess my Dad was happy as well. He is the best. I hugged him tightly to thank him. He was and always be my superhero, my rock star. He is my first teacher, my inspiration who brought me up with utmost love and care.
He always made sure that the light of my dreams should never get dim. He is always positive whatever the situation is. I wish I too can stay so positive like him. His mantra of life is trying, failing, falling and succeeding. Words are not enough to explain his greatness. It’s because of his support I am strong and face the world fearlessly. He always taught me to follow my heart and never give up the spirit to reach my goal. He has done a lot of for me and due to his efforts I am successful in life. He made me a career oriented women to serve my family and society. He is proud of me and I also try to fulfill his dreams. Right from my birth till now he makes an effort to make me confident and self dependent. My father was always very protective for me. My father was concerned about me but he gave me my space as well. He was my first ride, my horse. He didn't sleep till I was half asleep. He walked and even ran a long way so that I can learn how to ride a scooter. He is the one whose arms give me a sense of security. I want to get married to a person who is just like him, a complete man. Our relationship is unconditional and I have learned from my dad how to be a good parent. Although we differ in our choices but we have one common thing that is we love eating and traveling. This makes our bond stronger.
I follow his advises and obey him, respect him and love him as he is my Dearest Papa he deserves my hugs, love and care.

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

From smelly to smiley with ambipur

I am a cleanliness freak. I don’t let any dust or garbage gather in my home. I have a small kid at home who is very naughty and active. I keep cleaning my house so that he does not get any infection or disease because of the dust. No matter how much I cleaned my home the stench and odors of everyday life are unavoidable. It makes me worried. I tried different tips to get rid of the bad odor. I regularly wash the trash cans kept indoors and outdoor with hot soapy water to get rid of smelly debris. I also kept used fabric softener sheets at the bottom of the trash can in the kitchen. Another awful stench is that of the burnt popcorn which seems to stay forever. Exhaust fans and open windows give only temporary relief. But the strong bad smells make my family members run out of the room holding their nose. In our house we cook a lot of spicy and fried foods. These smells get ingrained in the kitchen cabinets. I have washed them with warm water and soap. I even boiled a cup of vinegar on the stove for immediate relief. The vapors that get released into the air cut the other smells. Although the vinegar made the kitchen smell more awful for a bit. 
Humidity during monsoon add to my woes leading to unpleasant smells. I have tried each and everything several times but without result. Cleaned, washed all surfaces and wiped them dry. I changed the floor mats and rugs as they retain water and dust which gave out a rotten smell. I used strong disinfectant to clean the bathroom regularly. I cleaned all parts of the floor, tiles, platforms with a decent sanitizer, as it would remove the dirt and prevent sludge and bacteria which adds to offensive odor even purchased aroma candles and scented soaps to create a distinct ambiance in the room. 
I want to keep my home free of odor. Odors are always accompanied by germs and illness. But still after so much hard work I don’t get the desired results and cannot get rid of bad odors which cause ill health and ill temper in my family members. On a latest visit by my family doctor, he introduced me to the Ambi Pur Air Effects Spring & Renewal Aerosol Air Freshener. I immediately purchased it and now I can proudly say my home is odor free. It keeps my room Fresh and Fragrant. The pleasant and natural mist of this freshener clouds your room with a fragrance so delicate and fresh like springtime to keep your room and your mood always fresh and happy.Very obvious and intolerant are some malodors and this air freshener ensures to cast all that away and replaces your room with beautiful smelling fragrance at any given time.
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Getting back a fresh smelling home with Ambipur

After I moved into my new house with my husband I realized I was inundated with household work I had moved to an industrial township from a relatively smaller suburb. Here I was exposed to more pollution levels and more levels of noises. Even though I was within the confines of my home most of the time yet the smell of smoke billowing out from the tall chimneys found its way to my home. The sooty smell of burnt diesel from the exhaust of passing by trucks left me gasping for air that would be free from such smells. Even the occasional sneezing sound of the diesel engine reminded me that all these smells brought in news of ill health. I tried to put the thickest curtains on the doors and the curtains. These techniques did reduce the sound and dust but could not filter out that stale smell of an industrial township. I felt that these smells were making me, my husband and our kids very irritable. The persistent bad odors meant that we could not relax and unwind in peace.
The overall feel of our house had changed from being in a home to that of being in an industrial shed. I began to lose appetite and was waging a losing battle against these bad odors that were present in my house. I am not a person who takes defeat very easily. I am a fighter to the core who likes to find solutions to my problems and the issues that I face. I visited my neighbors and enquired if they too faced the same issue. Most people I visited complained about the bad odors. A few others were even contemplating leaving the township and shift to some other place. 
Then an elderly lady who was also a neighbor of mine showed me a bottle of Ambipur . She asked me to try it and see if it improves the condition of my home. Taking her advise I went straight back to my home and lavishly sprayed it  with Ambi Pur Air Effects Spring & Renewal Aerosol Air Freshener. Surprise! Surprise ! I felt the air no longer smelt bad. Instead I felt a fragrant smell
encompassing my home and freely flowing through my home. Thanks to the experience of the old lady and the use of Ambi Pur Air Effects Spring & Renewal Aerosol Air Freshener, I had discovered the way to fight bad odors at home and reclaimed my home and peace of mind. In this process I had fortified my home to be battle ready to face any bad odor.
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Monday, 15 June 2015

Maxfresh moment to make the nation move

I sit looking out of the window and I see a stadium. The stadium is next to my house and it happens to be an open structure with adequate lighting so that both day and night sporting events can be held there. Apart from these It happens to be the venue for some events related to sports and if you are the influential type who can pull a few strings in the political circles then you could rent it out for a family wedding or your grandfathers wedding anniversary celebration. 

Apart from this activity it remains a structure of gloom and when the sun begins to set every evening it casts a gloomy shadow that makes the structure seem and look very sad. I am saddened at the apathy and neglect of the structure which should be bustling with activity. Seeing this gloomy site every day I feel sad and the monochromatic shadows urge me to do something about their fate. I feel that its time to break the chains of this monotony and daily waste of such a resource. 
Instead of whiling away the time the youth of the neighboring colonies could be synergized to be constructive and inclined towards the competitive sports, fitness and aerobics. I wonder who could initiate such a move. Pondering upon this issue my thoughts zero in onto two celebrities who are powerhouses of energy, vitality, freshness and performance. I am talking of none other then Anushka Manchanda the cool diva whose soul stirring singing can make anyone get up and sing along and the second person that I have in mind is the sauve and smooth dancer cum actor Allu Arjun. He is one performer who brings so much freshness and energy to the show that the audience automatically find themselves standing and dancing trying to match or follow the power packed dancing of the effortless dancer Allu Arjun. His high energy fresh moves makes any dance look, spectacular and easy. 
I am sure that if the stadium is used as a  venue it would draw a lot of crowd and if the theme of the concert or better still a series of concerts is such that it promotes fitness, sports and dance than it would bring a sea change in the lives of the youth in my city and country. The young generation could be made aware of the importance of fitness and its correlation to sports.
 These concerts could be the best vehicle to help the youth of our nation embrace sports and fitness and kick away the monotony of boredom, purposelessness and lack of direction. When such a chance is implemented in the lives of the people who would be leading the country as adults then it would be the maxfresh moment full of freshness and energy.
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