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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Together we can succeed

When I was feeling down and was in low spirits I discovered the power of #together thanks to my uncle who gave me a new hope and a new perspective to live my life.When I got admitted to a college I thought life would be all fun and party time. With this new found freedom life would be more enjoyable. Though I was partly right in believing this but at the same time it brought a new responsibility to study on my own as there were no teachers to nag me and I had to find ways to remain focused and  keep working towards my academic goals. One day our Hindi professor kept a surprise test .I had very little preparation for the test and as a result I flunked. Not only did I fail the test but I was the one who had scored the lowest marks in the class. This was even more insulting as during school days I had been a pretty good student in the Hindi subject. Now in college I had become the lowest mark scorer in my class. I began to sit on the back bench during my Hindi class and I avoided eye contact with my Hindi professor. From that day onwards I completely lost interest in the Hindi subject. Sitting in the Hindi class my mind used to drift and wander and I was unable to study or concentrate. I found it hard to answer the questions in class and my interest in the Hindi subject and then in other subjects began to dwindle. I started to become a recluse. I was going from bad to worse in my studies. Even though I was aware of this downwards drift but there was very little that I could do to help my performance. In those days my maternal uncle came to stay with us for a few days. He had a habit of reading books. Every evening after dinner he would call me and read out stories. These used to be very interesting story sessions and I found solace in them. They were the only bright spots in my otherwise dull and boring college life. One day my uncle asked me why I remained so gloomy and disinterested. His words were so full of love and care that I told him everything that was happening to me and how I had lost interest in my studies. He became very quiet and then pulled out a book from his collection. It had short stories about people who overcame great hardships to achieve success in their lives. He gave me a lot of hope about my future. He said that I was able bodied and intelligent and can achieve anything and nothing is out of reach for me. He was very encouraging and helped me form a perspective about negotiating difficult situations in life filled with hope and optimism. Thanks to him I regained my interest in studies and eventually passed my exams with good marks. To this day I remember my uncle's kind words that had given me so much hope for the future. I cherish the time that I had spent #together with him.

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