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Monday, 13 April 2015

ads that take me down the memory lane and CrashThePepsiIPL

Ads specially TV commercials come and go some are so unimpressive that you do not even notice them and there are some that we talk about and like see a few times. Yet there are some that have stood the test of time When I think of them the Amul Girl with her Utterly Butterly Delicious series are campaigns that have stood the test of time without any major change in strategy.
Some of the ads that caught the fancy of the nation were either very simple or had a very catchy jingle.
Remember the  Ketchup Commercial Starring Ranjit  Kapur (who eventually went to make the serial Fauji)
The jingle went something like this
Thoda ketchup try karo”
“Ketchup hota kaddu bhara”
“Isme kaddu nahin zara”
Thoda ketchup try karo
“laa peele tamataron is hota hai taiyyar, volfarm,
naa hi koi milawat is mein, na banawati rang,
ek baar jo khaaye isko, ungli chaate baar baar, volfarm
man tastes ketchup and utters -
“Wah! Lagta ghar ka bana hua !!”
There use to one weird one about Uptron
It went like this
Its On
Its On
Its On
Then a guy say’s What’s On
Then a boxer boxes from inside the screen and says  Its Uptron
Its On
Its On
Its On
Now the boxer asks whats on?
The first guy with a black eye says Its uptron

This was a weird one and I could never really understand what the brief was but perhaps its due to the weirdness or the Jingle but is still memorable.
Talking about weirdness.Remember the Cinkara ad. Where a thin and lean Javed Jaffery drinks Cinkara and comes smashing out of a glass. I wonder if there are any more glasses left where he lives or has he given up Cinkara?

I hear that during College ragging in those days college fresher’s  were asked to sing and act the ads that were common in those days such as Colgate which went like this
Colgate ka chota packet
Colgate ka chota packet
Kholo dabao
brush pe lagao Colgate ka chota  packet
Colgate ka chota packet
And the VICKS VAPORUB ad was asked to be enacted
Ting Tong ... (The door opens)
Zukam bad gaya na, kyon gaya tha bahar
Happy Birthday Mummy - Vicks Vaporub

There are so many memorable ads from the yesteryears that can be still found on the internet and people view and enjoy them. They reflect the simplicity of the times gone by.
This Pepsi IPL, it's not just about cricket. It's time to crash with your own created ad! Make your own Pepsi ad & if it's chosen, it could play on TV during Pepsi IPL! And hey, it doesn't end here… Even if you're chosen as a finalist, you stand a chance of winning a prize amount of Rs.1 lakh! So what are you waiting for guys?

I am joining in on all the Pepsi IPL action in my own style with the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity at BlogAdda.” 

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