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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

My dil ki deal for my mother

There is only one and only one person in my life that is very precious. It’s my Mom. She is my mom, my best friend, my mentor, my confidante, the reason behind for whatever I am today. I often think and wonder how she managed such immense sacrifice and determination. My father was posted in Dubai and we had limited means of living. She single handedly raised me and my younger sister since we were very young. I was 4 years old while my sister was 2 years old. She provided us the best quality of education and life. She never complained to anybody. She never compromised on anything when it concerned us She never let us feel the absence of our father in any way. She managed our lives beautifully as a single parent. She fulfilled all our needs without any complaints. It’s really commendable how she balanced the roles of a father and a mother. She instilled in us good morals and values right from our childhood. She insisted that we should be honest and good towards others. We must help others in whatever way we can.I still remember when we were kids we could afford only 2 chapattis  per person. In that she managed to take out 2 for the cow and birds in each and every meal without a fail. She strictly told us that we should not hurt anyone be it animals, birds or humans. No matter whatever the situation we should stay humble, simple and positive. Money can buy us any material happiness but our good deeds would give us permanent happiness. We cannot take money with us after living our life but only our good deeds would matter. We only leave behind memories and time spent with our loved ones. We should treat everyone with respect. Share good things and good things would come back to us for sure was her mantra. We should do our work honestly and never think about results. Balance is a must in living our life. Right balance is a must. I have never seen such energetic and enthusiastic lady in my life. Even with her limited resources she was always positive in her approach to life. She showed us the globe and shared her dreams of exploring the world. She took us to many places in India. She knew so much about the places and we learned something new every time. She amazed me always. Britain always fascinated her. She said one day that she would like to see the Queen's Palace. That day I made a resolve to fulfill her desire. After 25 years today I am fulfilling her dream. I planned a trip to Britain on her birthday. When she stepped in Britain she looked liked a little kid. With wide eyes she explored many places there and of course her she saw the Queen's Palace which was her long cherished dream which I could at last fulfill..

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