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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Starting a new life with my dil ki deal

Every girl has many dreams for her life and it’s her desire to get the best in life even after her getting married. I was not much different I too had planned many things. I had created a rosy picture of my married life in my thoughts. I belonged to a middle class family and got married into another middle class family.Ours was an arranged marriage. My mother in law said that I am like Lakshmi that is the incarnation of the goddess of wealth and will bring prosperity and good luck to the family. My husband had just got his first job and he was posted to a new city. He had no savings and his family couldn’t support him or his new family that is me. As he was posted in a different city he took me along. When I went with him after my marriage, I found it to be a completely new city and very different then our quiet home time. There we were all alone and knew no one. We shifted into our new house. We had no money to furnish the house but somehow we managed the daily expenses from the advance he got from the company. When my husband's boss came to know of our marriage he insisted that he wanted to visit our home to congratulate us. It was a moment of crisis for us. My husband wanted to leave a good impression on his boss. I prepared a lavish meal which I could manage within our means. My husband was very nervous. He told me to be prepared for the eventuality if his boss was not happy with the arrangements. He would never get responsibility and the position that he deserved at his new office. I calmed him. He went to his office and in the evening he was to return with his boss for the dinner. This arrangement was made as his boss did not know the way to our new home and to avoid any inconvenience to him. Everything was set except for the windows which were bare and had no curtains.The neighbours from the next flat could peak in to our little new home from their balcony so putting a curtain there was a must. At that moment of time my husband had a zero bank balance and moreover was on leave without pay as he had gone on an extended leave due to his marriage. No solution seemed in sight. Then suddenly I remembered my first small savings kept with great care in a small silk purse. This was the money I had gathered in all the wedding ceremonies of mine. I was supposed to preserve and keep it securely. It is an omen that this money brings good luck and wealth in the house of the new bride. So I went shopping for curtains with this token of good luck. The new curtains added beauty and grace to the room and to my utter surprise even after shopping some money was leftover which I deposited in the bank. It was my first shopping for my new home where I was starting my married life with my husband. It was a big decision for me to use the money that was a symbol of good luck and was supposed to be preserved by me. However it was my dil ki deal to use it to help transform a house to a cosy home. To this day I and my husband both marvel at how my first saving had done wonders to bring us joy. I wanted to make this day very special for my husband. This was our beginning of a life together. From that day till now he involves me in his every decision. That day with my deal I had earned his love and respect.

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