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Monday, 15 June 2015

Maxfresh moment to make the nation move

I sit looking out of the window and I see a stadium. The stadium is next to my house and it happens to be an open structure with adequate lighting so that both day and night sporting events can be held there. Apart from these It happens to be the venue for some events related to sports and if you are the influential type who can pull a few strings in the political circles then you could rent it out for a family wedding or your grandfathers wedding anniversary celebration. 

Apart from this activity it remains a structure of gloom and when the sun begins to set every evening it casts a gloomy shadow that makes the structure seem and look very sad. I am saddened at the apathy and neglect of the structure which should be bustling with activity. Seeing this gloomy site every day I feel sad and the monochromatic shadows urge me to do something about their fate. I feel that its time to break the chains of this monotony and daily waste of such a resource. 
Instead of whiling away the time the youth of the neighboring colonies could be synergized to be constructive and inclined towards the competitive sports, fitness and aerobics. I wonder who could initiate such a move. Pondering upon this issue my thoughts zero in onto two celebrities who are powerhouses of energy, vitality, freshness and performance. I am talking of none other then Anushka Manchanda the cool diva whose soul stirring singing can make anyone get up and sing along and the second person that I have in mind is the sauve and smooth dancer cum actor Allu Arjun. He is one performer who brings so much freshness and energy to the show that the audience automatically find themselves standing and dancing trying to match or follow the power packed dancing of the effortless dancer Allu Arjun. His high energy fresh moves makes any dance look, spectacular and easy. 
I am sure that if the stadium is used as a  venue it would draw a lot of crowd and if the theme of the concert or better still a series of concerts is such that it promotes fitness, sports and dance than it would bring a sea change in the lives of the youth in my city and country. The young generation could be made aware of the importance of fitness and its correlation to sports.
 These concerts could be the best vehicle to help the youth of our nation embrace sports and fitness and kick away the monotony of boredom, purposelessness and lack of direction. When such a chance is implemented in the lives of the people who would be leading the country as adults then it would be the maxfresh moment full of freshness and energy.
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