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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

An easy gluten free diet Substitute

I visited a friend at her home who was rushing out of her in a state of great hurry. She told me that she was out of gluten free bread and other gluten free items and as her son is gluten intolerant  she asked me to wait for her at her home and she would be back with the weekly diet of gluten free products. However by the time she reached the store they were already out of supplies. She was already late in getting there. She returned back teary eyed not knowing what to do without her weekly supply of gluten free diet.
It was time to step into the situation and help her out of her predicament . She poured her heart to me .I assured her that there were options that are easily available in the kitchen that can be used to create a gluten free food. She looked at me with amazement and surprise. I held her hand and took her to her kitchen. There I pulled out a jar full of chick pea flour or Besan as it is colloquially known as . I share my knowledge with her that Chick Pea flour is a gluten free food. This news came as a great surprise and relief to her. Now the question was what to cook with the chick pea flour . I opted for a very simple dish that is Chick Pea Flour pancakes.
For this I took a cup of chick pea flour. And added salt and chilli flakes(optional) to it . I even added some chopped fresh green chillies. Now the addition of the chillies both green and the flakes is purely optional if you want your pan cakes to be chilly. Now the point to be noted is that these pancakes are supposed to be salty in taste . Once a smooth paste is formed I keep it aside and decide a number of addition ingredients to it. I like to add chopped cheese or boiled corn to it.

Next I take a flat cooking pan preferably non stick so that the use of oil can be restricted to the minimal. I put the pan on the flame an as it begins to heat up spread some cooking oil on its surface so that my salty chick pea flour pancakes do not stick to the cooking surface. Than use a big spoon pour the liquefied chick pea flour on the cooking surface of hot cooking non stick pan and spread it out using a ladle in circular motion. Immediately I can add additional boiled corn , boiled peas and diced cottage cheese and spread it out evenly with the ladle. As the pancake cooks and the chick pea flour becomes firm from the liquid state the add on toppings would be set in place. Pour some cooking oil/ olive oil on top of the cooking batter this help it cook well and leave the cooking surface when cooked.As it begins to cook the edges will begin to get brown and leave the surface.Using a spatula flip the pan cake over and let it cook from the other side. Each side is to be cooked only once and when both sides are cooked golden in color take it off the heat and serve it with chutney or pickle. Your gluten free salty pan cakes are ready to be eaten.

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