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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Home made decorations that really work

I remember when I was young and of school going age Christmas used to be a very special occasion for us. For one it used to be the winter vacation and it meant no more venturing out into the cold early in the morning to attend school and more so it used to be time when we used to get together and create some simple but beautiful Christmas decorations. Sing carols and drink chocolate milk with marshmallow’s dipped into it.
However of late the celebration of Christmas has become more about going to the market pick up the decorations and come back home to decorate your Christmas tree. In some cases I have even seen pre decorated trees being sold  which you buy and bring it home. This leaves very little participation in preparing for the Christmas festival.
So when I came across an article on the rewardme website about making your own Christmas decorations it helped be travel my childhood days and relive those fond memories.
This article here lists some very simple and easy to make Christmas decorations that anyone can follow.
It lists a number of decorations like the Bow Wreath that is created by using a few colorful ribbons and all it involves is to tie the colourful ribbons into a tidy and beautiful bow. As children we used to compete to see who makes the most beautiful Bow Wreath.
Then there is one about formal chairs: where one covers the chair with satin and then decorates it with all kinds of things like broaches ,jewellery, trinkets etc. As children we used to make sure that we had at least one such chair spcially for Santa so that he  could come ,sit, relax and enjoy his milk and cookies when he visited us to give us a gift for being a good child.
The article covers Creating decorations like bubbly bubbles which can be colored or decorated with sprinklers or tinsel.
The posts also covers using Art glass: Which can be used by covering glass bottles after covering them with solid colors and using motifs to create patterns.
No Christmas is complete without the Santa cap and so the article helps us get into the Christmas spirit by filling the Santa cap with goodies and hanging on the wall.
For all those who are deliberating as to have or not to have a Christmas tree. The post suggests that if one does not have a Christmas tree   than one can convert any tall leafy tree into a Christmas tree .
One can even uses scarves or feathers and pearl garlands to add to its beauty.
Silver loops as the article reminds me of are made up of silver paper or wrapping paper or foil paper. They are those paper loops that inter twined into one another and held together with glue .They are great way to decorate the tree, the walls or ceilings. That’s one decoration you cannot go wrong with.
 An integral part of Christmas decoration taking a cue from the article
Which suggests that a nice center piece can be created by having large bowls filled with candy canes, red and white peppermint balls, multi colored chocolates filled in a bowl. If the color of the bowl is green or red it adds to the flavors of the season.
The card poster idea mentioned in the post is one of the better way of not just decorating all the cards together but it also gives the guests the opportunity to write or doodle in the empty spaces. I remember that as kids we always used to compete with each other as to who has the maximum number of cards and messages.
The Angle candles mentioned is something I have never tried but the idea of having paper wings attached to the candles and use of paint to enhance the beauty and effect looks interesting.
I feel the use of stencil messages where messages are cut out using stencils on paper with adhesive on one side and sticking it on a chart paper is something than can be cleaned and removed after the celebrations are over and it can be removed from the walls without causing any damage.
Over all it’s a very useful article that gets one in the mode for creating Christmas decorations ourselves.

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