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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

A review of 10 simple ways to keep the house clean

As a busy professional always on the go I juggle many responsibilities at home and at the office you can say that chasing and trying to meet deadlines is my full time profession and with very little free time left for myself and my home my top most aspiration is to have a neat and clean home free from dust, clutter and where everything is in its place. Even though I have a maid who is supposed to do the cleaning and look after the home but more often than not I find her to be the Gabbar of the family who would hold me and the household to ransom whenever I plan to host a party or have guest over. In reality I have to tell (or rather ask her ) if there its ok to have a get together as without her  approval she would torment me by absenting  herself and leaving the mound of dishes to be cleaned by me. The other side of the coin is that there no better way of cleaning your home without personal involvement .These belief about cleaning our home were re enforced when I came across the article on the rewardme  website. the article claims that maintaining a clean house can be a task which can be achieved by devoting ten minutes of your time.
So the onus of cleaning and more importantly maintaining a clean house hold remains on me. This particular article seems quite helpful and lists ten steps to maintain a clean household.
#1 it talks about maintaining a separate public and private space.  This basically means that rooms near the door or entrance are public spaces and here one should keep no clothes, no papers and no storage areas. As these are the areas that visitors see so if we keep these clean then it gives our home the look of a clean house in the eyes of those who visit us and see only the drawing room .So keeping the most visited part of the house clean is the best beginning to keep our house clean.
#2 The article suggests that we put all the dirty dishes directly in the dish washer and clean them ASAP instead of piling them in the sink this way we can avoid the stinking smell associated with dirty dishes. The dirty clothes must be put directly in the dirty clothes basket and not left in the baskets . This gives a neat appearance to the house.
 # 3 talks about clearing the things which come under the category “I might need this someday” items these are clothes that you may not wear again,games and toys that are broken and would not be used again or a kitchen appliance that you do not like to use . Clearing out all these things out of the house clears out the clutter and mess.
#4 Opening mails and backpacks near the waste paper bin is a good way of disposing off unwanted paper ,school circulars etc directly into the wastepaper bin with having them lying around and adding to the clutter and untidiness of the home.
#5 This points talks of a simple regime of assigning a time of ten minutes and have the whole home clean the house for ten minutes . This way the house ends up much cleaner with ten minutes of family time effort. I agree completely with this point of collective cleaning.
#6 The floor should have only furniture on it . Toys ,papers and other stuff should be assigned to where it belongs .Things which cannot be assigned to respective places must be disposed off. A floor free from clothes, toys, papers give a much cleaner airy and clutter free look to the floor and the house.
#7 This point suggests that kitchen should have only those appliances that are used daily such as a cooker or a toaster. Appliances that are used infrequently must be removed to avoid clutter in the kitchen.
#8 The article suggests a simple technique of maintaining a clean floor by keeping two welcome mats. One outside and the other inside the front door this way  debris and dust don’t spread in the house.
#9 The author suggests that we makes our bed every day as a kept and made bed gives the feel of a clean room as compared to a room with an unmade bed.
#10 The last point of the article focuses on the bathroom as a easy way to keep the bathroom free from clutter is to store the makeup, toiletries and everyday use articles in bags or bins under the sink
All these tip are simple to follow and do not take much time and can surely help us maintain a clean and healthy house
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