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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Does My Baby Need a Massage?

The act of massaging involves taking some massage oil in the palm of your hand and gently rub it against the part of body to be massaged. For a baby this simple step can open the doors to a path of growth that helps the  baby to adjust much better to the situations and the challenges that one faces as physically the baby is fit and strong and mentally agile and alert. The massage when done properly and with the right kind of Baby massage oil can trigger optimal mental and physical growth of the Baby.
Even though the idea is to give the baby a complete body massage yet it can be divided into
Massaging the Arm’s of the baby: Here the oils is applied to the palm of our hands and fingers and then the arms of the baby are rolled between your hands. Starting from the arms of the baby the motion of your hand should gently stroke and rub against the baby’s skin coming up to the wrist. At all time make it a point to be very gentle with the baby.
For the baby’s Neck Massage : One should use one hand to support the baby’s head and the upper body.Then one should place the thumb of the other hand on one side of the neck and two fingers on the other side of the neck the massage should be performed by gently rubbing the neck in circular motion very very gently.This should be continued a few times.
For massaging the baby’s Legs: Gently but firmly one should start massaging from the thigh area and bring the hands down up to the ankle of the baby. This motion is to be repeated a couple of times and then the same process is to be repeated on the other leg.
Massaging the Baby’s belly: For this the hand is to be kept at the baby’s belly. Then gently massage with the fingers in circular clockwise motion the belly area of the baby. Make sure to be gentle with the baby at all times.
In case you suspect the baby is crying due to colic first give the baby a belly massage .Then bend the knees of the baby up to its tummy, hold for about thirty seconds and then release. This step is to be repeated a few times .Then one should place the edge of the hand on the belly of the baby and then glide it downwards starting from the bellybutton in an attempt to release the gas.

Now the point is which oil should be used for the baby's massage. Olive oil is supposed to make the baby healthy, nourish the skin and make the baby stronger. Almond oil moisturizes the skin. Luckily for us parents Dabur has come up with its Dabur Baby Massage oil that not only has Olive but also Almond oil. This duel combination of oils give the benefits of both the oils. The good part about this product is that there are no artificial colors added that could have harmed the baby's skin. It is also free from Paraffin's and PArabens. Thus making it completely safe for the baby. It has also been dermatologically tested and found to be completely safe for the baby's skin that is delicate and soft. A good regualar body massage helps the baby grow and with Dabur's Baby Massage Oil ,the massage experience, the results and the growth is even better.

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