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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A fathers day gift of HUG

My father is my role model. He is a person of strong will and a self made man who has toiled hard to earn and save for our present and future I still remember the day when I and Dad were shopping for my fancy dress competition. I was crazy for the superman costume, but getting a full superman costume including boots and cape was not a easy task. After searching for almost 4 hrs I was sure that we won't get it but my Dad didn't give up. After roaming for hours we finally succeeded in buying the whole set. I was happy and I guess my Dad was happy as well. He is the best. I hugged him tightly to thank him. He was and always be my superhero, my rock star. He is my first teacher, my inspiration who brought me up with utmost love and care.
He always made sure that the light of my dreams should never get dim. He is always positive whatever the situation is. I wish I too can stay so positive like him. His mantra of life is trying, failing, falling and succeeding. Words are not enough to explain his greatness. It’s because of his support I am strong and face the world fearlessly. He always taught me to follow my heart and never give up the spirit to reach my goal. He has done a lot of for me and due to his efforts I am successful in life. He made me a career oriented women to serve my family and society. He is proud of me and I also try to fulfill his dreams. Right from my birth till now he makes an effort to make me confident and self dependent. My father was always very protective for me. My father was concerned about me but he gave me my space as well. He was my first ride, my horse. He didn't sleep till I was half asleep. He walked and even ran a long way so that I can learn how to ride a scooter. He is the one whose arms give me a sense of security. I want to get married to a person who is just like him, a complete man. Our relationship is unconditional and I have learned from my dad how to be a good parent. Although we differ in our choices but we have one common thing that is we love eating and traveling. This makes our bond stronger.
I follow his advises and obey him, respect him and love him as he is my Dearest Papa he deserves my hugs, love and care.

I am participating in the '#HugYourDad' activity for Vicks in association with BlogAdda.

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