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Friday, 2 October 2015

matters of the heart

Marriage is an important step in our culture and society. I have seen girls been groomed for matrimony by providing them with culinary skills and asked to look after themselves so that they remain slim trim and look beautiful so that they get a good groom. As a dutiful daughter I followed this instructions and my marriage was arranged to a good looking groom of my parents choice. Taking the wedding wows I felt that from now on my life would be like a fairy tale in which I the princess would live with my prince that is my groom happily ever after. Little did I realize that marriage is the biggest turning point in the life of a person and the process of making it work and successful involves a lot of work and adjustments somewhere in this process the focus shifts from me to us. Whereas the girl invariably dons so many roles in the home and the office front in case she is working and the husband gets busy focusing on work. The me and my well being gets left behind as the wedding suit no longer fits the waistline that is growing at almost a steady pace with each passing year. The wife also puts her priorities as health,fitness and well being behind. This is what my own experience tell me. Both me and my husband were becoming slack in following the fitness regime that was an essential part of our earlier life. We used to take pride in the fact that we were slim and healthy and looked good but now it seemed to be a story of the past. We did not care about what we ate and as a result the wrong food and the lack of exercise took its toll on. Earlier the girls and the boys of the neighborhood used to call me didi but now I was being called as Aunty. Shocked I looked at the mirror and found an unfamiliar matronly figure looking back at me.
My husband was very passionate about cricket and a very good player too. He too got the shock of his life when he was not selected for the office cricket team as he could pass the cricket trials. The Annual medical examination showed his cholestrol to be higher then the normal level.
These events made us sit back and think. We now knew that we had to take quick action to come back to our old self.
We visited and took the ‘Weight-Heart Test at

The results were not very pleasant. Still not everything was lost.

 The site suggested goals that we should achieve like a walk and a diet plan to get back to good health.

We took a pledge that we would go daily for a 30 minute walk and follow a diet plan to get back into shape.
We have been following this plan regularly and as a result my husband made it to the cricket team and I have again started getting compliments and being called Didi once again.
My advice to all married couples is to follow a healthy diet plan and go for a 30 minute walk everyday.
We the women should always remember that the heart always comes first. #ProtectHerHeart 

I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda.”

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