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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Romancing The colors

You may call me a regular 9 to 5 girl dressed in a regular business suit sitting in my cubicle where there is nothing much to distinguish me from the rest of the employees except my employee number. It was from  my early childhood that I was trained to be righteous and simple. I remember that as a child  during the Puja and Diwali time when all the members of the family used to get together and equipped with buckets and brushes would together paint the entire house white. A white that would even make my teeth appear yellow. The color was monotonous and kindled a fire of rebellion within me who wanted to paint the home in all the colors of the rainbow.Perhaps so strong was my repulsion for the entire house being painted in white that almost as a divine intervention when someone would inadvertently drop a few lumps of indigo that would give a few rooms a shade of blue. This used to be the only colorful interlude to the monochromatic memories of painting that I have of my childhood.
It is perhaps this repression of this choice of expression that has been kept under wraps for so long that it has taken the shape of a molten lava with me and it coaxes me to paint each and every room of my home in a different color .To bring to life every wall and let it tell its story perhaps the only way is to let is speak in the language of color.
As I chanced upon the #PaintFinder from the Bed Bath & More website
I found a tool to vent out my desire to paint my home in a hue of colors
To begin with I started picking up a color for the living room and after much deliberation I have decided to use a color scheme that incorporated the color green. Selecting a theme I applied the color green to the living room
I chose this color for the living room for a number of reasons, first my living room is the place where I meet my friends and guests. As green is the color of envy it is a warning for all those who are envious of me to make peace with me . As green is also the color of peace I want to drown all negative emotions like envy,jealousy and hatred in the ocean of peace that the green color of my living room represents.

For my dining area I choose the color orange

I choose the orange in my dining room which also happens to be the venue of parties which invariably start as sit down meals and as the music and drinks flow the orange in the room will add a degree of warmth and help those present feel more relaxed and enjoy the get together to to the maximum. It also happens to be one of my favorite colors.

Talking of favorites I the plain Jane also has a secret side .When I remove my glasses and let my hair down there is a passionate side of me that remains mostly under cover but my bedroom is the place where when I see myself in the big mirror this secret persona of mine comes out and demands that her likes must be honored too.
So my bedroom should look something like this

It is a room where the color red flows freely.

Red the color of love and passion rules this personal space of mine.
As it liberates me from boundaries and stereotypes and I can be just myself a person who is not bound by the sense of right or wrong. Instead I am the free spirited soul that I always wanted to be and play with colors to my heats content.

“I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association with BlogAdda & Bed Bath & More

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