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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Eat Healthy for a Healthy Heart

Our heart works 24X7, beating every second, pumping blood to the other organs and keeps us alive.Are we doing enough for our heart in return.Our sedentary lifestyle coupled with the lack of physical exercises and other vices takes a toll on our heart.Its time to take care of your heart..It is not a monumental task .You only have to follow three small steps or #ChhoteKadam to make your heart 50% healthier.
1. Have a healthy breakfast
2. Make exercise a habit
3. Try weight lifting
4. Brush and floss daily
5. Keep off stress
6. Check your salt intake
7. Quit smoking
8. Watch what you eat
9. Go for a health check-up
10. Have at least eight hours of sleep

Whatever your age, start doing what you can to manage your risk factors,
Eating Better like following a heart-healthy diet, Staying Active by getting exercise, practicing weight control quit smoking and Being Happy.
Eating Better
Heart-shaped walnuts are brimming with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease.Consuming just one ounce of walnuts five or more times a week about a handful every day can slash heart disease risk by nearly 40 percent.There are health benefits of different parts of the walnut—the skin, the “meat” and the oil— most of the heart-healthy benefits come from the oil. You can release walnuts’ volatile oils by roasting them in a dry pan over medium heat until fragrant.

Flax seeds are the richest plant source of omega-3 fats, which help reduce inflammation, ward off mood swings and help prevent heart disease and diabetes.Flax seeds make a subtle,nutty addition to smoothies, salad dressings and yogurt. But use ground flax seeds in order to get all the heart benefits the solid seeds aren’t easily digested.
Those who consume just 2 percent of their total daily calories from yogurt.and six-ounce cup of yogurt every three days have a 31 percent lower incidence of hypertension.
Sweet potatoes are loaded with fiber and nutrients and can help you burn fat. The magic ingredient here are carotenoids, antioxidants which stabilize blood-sugar levels and lower insulin resistance, which prevents calories from being converted into fat. That means they reduce your risk of diabetes, one of the greatest threats to your heart. And their high vitamin profile (including A, C and B6) give you more energy to burn at the gym.
Nuts are a great source of fiber and healthy fat, which can help fight inflammation in the body and also promote digestion.Sleep deprivation can lead to imbalances in blood circulation, increase stress, disrupts blood glucose levels all of which have a negative impact on the heart.Going for an annual health check-up after the age of 30 is a good idea. Most lifestyle diseases are silent in nature, and you only realize the severity of the disease when it has reached an advanced stage. So keep a tab on your health going for annual check-ups and discussing your health prospects with your family doctor.

 Staying Active
It is one of the most important part of your life.T his means that you must do regular exercise every day. It can be in the form of walking,jogging,doing yoga and other exercises.Walk for work at short distances,prefer to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Being Happy
Happiness not only promotes your general well being it also works as a tonic for the heart. You can be happy doing things which you enjoy and also being in the company of people you like and love.
“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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