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Friday, 15 July 2016

Be a responsible citizen

Every individual whose total income exceeds the maximum exemption limit is obligated to furnish his/her Income Tax Return or ITR.Tax paid is utilized for the development of the nation.Personal and financial benefits aside, filing IT returns also makes you a better citizen. Income tax is one of the sources of income for the Government, with which it funds infrastructure and welfare projects. It also is a barometer for progress, as rising income tax shows a corresponding growth in income.

E-filling or ITR has many benefits
- Standard Income Proof
ITR is globally accepted as a standard income proof.It is mandatory for or required for students looking for higher education abroad or if candidates are applying for jobs abroad.It is accepted as a income proof both in India and abroad.

-Hassle free Loan application process
Filing your ITR regularly gives you speedier access to credit.It works as an assurance to the financier that the loan applier will repay the loan within time.

-Claim your tax refund Salaried employees for whom TDS has been cut during the financial year can claim refund if the tax outgo has been more than the actual tax payable.

There is no reason why anyone should avoid filing IT returns, especially when the process can be done in a few clicks with e-filing platforms like H&R block.Its fast and secure.
Prompt processing.The acknowledgment of Income Tax Return (ITR) is quick. Refunds, if any, are processed faster than paper-filed returns.Better accuracy.E-filing software with built-in validations and electronic connectivity is seamless and minimizes errors considerably. Paper-filings can be prone to errors. Also, when any paper-based form is migrated to the electronic system, there is a possibility of human error in data entry. Convenience with no time and place barrier in filing returns online. E-filing facility is available 24/7 and one can file anytime, anywhere at your convenience.
Confidentiality, Better security than paper filings.
Accessibility to past data. One can easily access past data while filing returns. Most e-filing applications store data in a secure manner and allow for easy access at the time of filing subsequent returns.
Proof of gets prompt confirmation of filing, both at time of filing and subsequently, via email on your registered email id.Electronic banking
Convenience of direct deposit for refund and direct debit for tax payments. You have the option to file now, pay later - decide what day to debit your bank account for tax payment.Tax paying is now easy.

I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.

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